John Amos

Amos Logistics LLC
Pleasant Hill, California

John L. Amos

John Amos is an international logistics and transportation consultant specializing in issues related to planning, operations and regulatory issues. His experience encompasses the fields of ocean, air and surface transportation. For more than 40 years he held international and North American positions in the fields of logistics, procurement and construction management. Amos was employed by Bechtel Corp. for more than 26 years and in his last position was global head of transportation and logistics functions.

After retiring from Bechtel he became North American Director of Business Development for Danzas Corp. (DHL Global Forwarding). He formed Amos Logistics Consulting in 2001.

Throughout his career, Amos has been on the board of numerous trade associations. Currently, he is the Regional Vice President Pacific Coast for the International Propeller Club, and serves as president of the Propeller Club of Northern California.