RIchard Martucci

President, Anchor Associates
Boynton Beach, Florida

Capt. Richard Martucci

Richard P. Martucci is president of Anchor Associates, consulting for U.S. as well as foreign companies in the following areas: Expert Witness, Seaman Documentation, Vessel Registry, Instructing, Course Evaluations and Approvals, Cargo Stowage and Security Issues. RFP for MSC vessel operation and layberth contracts.

In 2002 he retired from American Maritime Officers after serving 30 years in the maritime industry¬†—¬†25 of which were sailing. The last 10 years he served as Captain for Military Sealift Command on their Fast Sealift vessel USNS Bellatrix, after leaving his business ashore to return to sea during the Gulf War.

Captain Martucci has extensive experience in all aspects of deep-sea cargo transportation as well as 15 years in Government contracting. He has years of experience both shipboard and ashore in multi-million dollar maintenance & repair, budgeting, inventory control, payroll, risk assessment, safety procedures, medical care, damage control, firefighting, environmental controls, security, communications, personnel management and related administrative functions.

He has worked on all types and size tankers, multi-grade, VLCC, chemical, ro-ro ships, container, passenger, tug/barge, heavy lift and multipurpose military vessels. Graduated from New York State Maritime College with a degree in Meteorology and Oceanography, post graduated study at Tulane University, Military Sealift Command School, and The Star Center.

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