Rosalyn Wilson

Principal, R. Wilson, Inc.
Sterling, Virginia

Rosalyn Wilson

Rosalyn Wilson has been practicing in the transportation and logistics field for over thirty years. She is a widely recognized expert in transportation economics, supply chain security and state of the art practices in supply chain management, particularly in processes and technology. Ms. Wilson has experience in research and writing; data collection and analysis; modeling and benchmarking; and management tasks such as policy formulation, business process redesign, infrastructure systems analysis, market analysis, and institutional strengthening. She provides support to several state Departments of Transportation and Federal agencies, working on projects involving planning for infrastructure improvement, diversion of truck traffic to rail, and pilot tests for implementation a Vehicle Miles Tax to replace fuel taxes.

Ms. Wilson has extensive experience in the collection, calculation and analysis of transportation statistical data and other research for all modes of transportation and various facets of the transportation industry. She maintains current knowledge on developments in the transportation industry, both domestic and international. She maintains regular contact with industry sector experts, data providers, media and users. She compiles data, edits and prepares written analysis about the performance of various sectors of the industry and identifies and analyzes key issues facing the transportation industry. She prepares and makes presentations on trends in the transportation industry before industry and academia. She has written for and served as editor for many publications and she is often interviewed by leading industry publications to provide insight into current trends and expectations for the future.

Rosalyn has been studying and documenting the growth of sourcing in Mexico and has provided analysis to clients looking for new sourcing opportunities. She has also provided guidance to companies looking to provide products to US customers. Much of her work has been in the developing requirements packages for systems to manage global distribution, including software packages, information sharing technology, end-to-end visibility solutions, and systems to meet customs ever-changing requirements. She has partnered with the Monterrey Institute of Technology to develop a version of the State of Logistics Report for Mexico.

Rosalyn spent over five years focusing on information technology and security in the defense and national security space and supply chain security and resiliency while working with Reality Based IT Systems, Ltd. and SYS Technologies. Prior to establishing her consulting practice in 1996 Rosalyn was a senior consultant with Booz|Allen|Hamilton’s transportation group. She continued her association with the group, in a sub consultant role, supporting their efforts in transport, trade and technology, both domestically and internationally. She was a director at the Eno Transportation Foundation, managing several of the Foundation’s major programs and research projects. She has extensive railroad industry experience, having served in various capacities for over 11 years at the Association of American Railroads.

She is the author of the Annual State of Logistics Report®, an annual benchmark for U.S. logistics activity published by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). She also has significant experience in supply chain security and risk management and is the co-author of a recent book on the subject, Securing Global Transportation Networks.