Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Thomas A. Short, Lieutenant USN

Tom is a former intelligence officer in the United States Navy. He has extensive experience in maritime security issues, geopolitics, intelligence gathering and analysis, emergency management, and intergovernmental liaison work.

In his 9 years of service Tom rose to the rank of Lieutenant and spent the majority of his time stationed overseas in Japan and Italy.

While stationed at NAF Atsugi, Japan Tom was the intelligence officer for VAW-115, an E-2C Hawkeye squadron which deployed annually across the East Asian AOR onboard the USS George Washington (CVN-73). Through the intelligence work Tom did on this tour he gained extensive knowledge on complex issues regarding maritime security and geopolitical issues in the Far East. While in Japan Tom also held collateral duties as Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer, Classified Material, Control Officer, Intelligence Operations Watch Officer, and Assistant Security Manager. Tom also took part in Operation Tomodachi, which involved assisting the Japanese government in their emergency response to the Tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster of 2011.

In Naples, Italy Tom was assigned to the Maritime Liaison Unit Europe and Africa as a liaison officer representing the U.S. Navy sixth fleet to the maritime shipping industry. In this capacity he met with maritime shipping representatives to engage in information sharing and devising way the U.S. navy can assist with commercial maritime operations. Tom also held collateral duties as Emergency Management Officer, Training Officer, and Command Duty Officer. Through these collateral duties and his Intelligence work Tom built strong working relationships with his counterparts, in NATO, the US State Department, and the Italian Government.

Tom has received extensive training in geopolitical analysis and human intelligence gathering from the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Army, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.  He has also received emergency management and crisis response training from the US State Department, FEMA, USAID and the US Navy.


Former Naval Intelligence Officer, United States Navy, Ÿ tshort82@icloud.com Ÿ Cell: +1-954-348-7221

Expertise: Maritime Security, Intelligence, Emergency Management, and Project Management.

  • Liaison with multi-national government organizations and private industry.
  • Experienced Program Manager
  • Intelligence Officer
  • International Experience


Maritime Transport & Logistics Advisors, LLC

Affiliate Consultant, April 2018 – Present

  • Provide consultancy services regarding maritime security, intelligence, threat posture, and emergency management.

U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer, October 2009 – April 2018

Maritime Liaison Unit Europe/Africa                                                                         Naples, Italy

Liaison Officer February 2012 -March 2018                                                                  

  • facilitated the exchange of information and promoting cooperation between the U.S. Navy, partner nation maritimeforces, and the commercial maritime
  • Maintained current awareness of maritime geopolitical issues in the Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia Area of Operations.

-Collateral Duties –

U.S. Naval Support Activity Naples                                                                              Naples, Italy

Training Officer, August 2017-Janurary2018

  • Managed the training program for The US naval installation, NSA Naples Italy.
  • Planed, developed, and evaluated military exercises that required a multitude of US, Italian, and NATO agencies to coordinate and practice responses to a myriad of threat contingencies.
  • Established training requirements for NSA Naples.
  • Organized and led board meetings to present and discuss training plans and results.

Emergency Management Officer, August 2012 – May 2015

  • Supervised the Emergency Management division of NSA Naples to include the Emergency Dispatch Center, installation CCTV monitoring, the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Supervised over 30 Military, US Civilian, and Italian Personnel.
  • Directed the hiring and assigning of all US and Italian civilian staff.
  • Provided emergency management support for NATO, SIXTH Fleet, and over 8,000 people in the Italian area of operations.
  • Worked in a liaison capacity building ties with local Italian and European counterparts.


Aviation Intelligence Officer, November 2009 – December 2011

  • Officer in charge of the Squadron Intelligence Division.
  • Led a team of 10 intelligence officers and specialists in the production of intelligence reports for leadership.
  • Gave oral presentations of Power Point intelligence reports.
  • Maintained current awareness of maritime geopolitical issues in the East Asia Area of Operations.

Training & Qualifications                                                                                           

Boots to Business Course

Entrepreneurial education and training program offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Syracuse University, August 2016

Lean Six Sigma

White Belt, July 2016


Joint Humanitarian Operations, June 2015                                                         

National Foreign Affairs Training Center, Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State,

Overseas Crisis Management, Oct 2013

Commander, Navy Installations Command

Emergency Manager Course, February 2013


Incident Command: IS-100, IS-200, IS-300, IS-800                                 

Department of Defense, Human Intelligence Training – Joint Center of Excellence

Joint Source Validation Course, March 2012

Defense Strategic Debriefing Course, Jan-Feb2012.

Director of Naval Intelligence

Information Dominance Warfare Officer Qualification, November 2010.

Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center

Asymmetric Warfare: The Analysis of Armed Groups, July 2009.

Naval and Marine Corps Intelligence Center (NMITC)

Naval Intelligence Officer’s Basic Course (NIOBC), May-November 2009

US Navy

Division Officer Leadership Course, May 2009


London School of Economics                                                                                       London, UK

CPD Certificate in Business, International Relations and Political Economy, 2018

University of Florida                                                                                                     Gainesville, FL

Bachelor of Arts, History, Class of 2006, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Reid Hall                                                                                                                         Paris, FR

Columbia University, Study Abroad 2005

International Exposure                                                                                             

Travel (53 countries) – Lived in France, Italy, and Japan – Italian (conversational)